Welcome to The Soulcraft Roundtable

Integration is the goal. Innovation is the result.

Our goal is to create a Not for Profit coaching and teaching center that integrates the less fortunate who are on fixed incomes and need some part time work in order to gain a better life for themselves, with start-up businesses that need part time workers to get their ideas off the ground.

Innovation starts with individuals. Vision and purpose start with individuals. Individuals can then share their vision and purpose with others and inspire a common vision and a common purpose. But not all individuals have the same chance in this society.

Business is the act of production. Business provides products and services that improve the quality of life for everyone. Before anyone can redistribute anything, someone has to produce it.

Everything can be done better. That is reality, that’s what moves society forward. It’s simple logic. It is not criticism. It is not saying that we have been doing things wrong. New technologies combined with seasoned experience can invent ways to do things better. So how and where do we create a space to combine these things?

Instead of redistributing the wealth, we want to redistribute the opportunity to create wealth.

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