Qantas Airways CEO Responds to Adorable Letter from 10-Year-Old

Hats off to the Qantas CEO who treated this young boy’s request with dignity and respect. It’s a beautiful story that may bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eye.

Alex Jacquot is a 10-year-old boy who lives in Australia. He’s also an aspiring airline CEO, who wrote a letter last month to Qantas Airways CEO Alan Joyce, asking for advice on getting his future company off the ground.

He starts it off by introducing himself and asking the CEO to please take him seriously. After all, he’s already the CEO of his very own airline, which he’s named “Oceania Express.” He’s also already hired a CFO, a head of IT, a Head of Maintenance, a Head of On-Board Services, and a Head of Legal. And he’s got a co-founder in the form of his friend Wolf. Oh, and he’s already “started some stuff, like what type of planes I’ll need, flight numbers, catering and more.”

So he only really has three questions:

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