CrossFit Suspends User Group of 1.65 Million Members on Facebook and Instagram

It is very exciting to see a major company like CrossFit take a firm articulate stance on how Facebook is moving to control the public discourse on topics they arbitrarily disagree with.

Closing a community group that held the feedback and testimonials of 1.65 million members took a lot of strength of character.

Well done CrossFit I applaud your position.

Read the article from CrossFit at

Calling all YouTube & Instagram Content Creators

If you are or are thinking about using YouTube or Instagram to promote your business, cause or organization then check out this new Meetup group.

The purpose of the group is to share ideas, help each other with content and production ideas and hold each other accountable to following through on it.

The first event will be announced soon.

YouTube & Instagram Content Creators

London, ON
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If you have a message and want to spread it on the internet, consider YouTube or Instagram!The intention of the group is to have a purpose more than “getting a following”. We…

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